Theatre @ York presents…

A contemporary adaptation of Sophocles’ ANTIGONE. Tig is distraught to find that her Uncle Chris is making drastic changes to her family’s restaurant, which her beloved grandmother opened years ago as a recent immigrant and refugee. Outraged by what she sees as a betrayal of the family, Tig starts an online campaign to stand up to her uncle, save the legacy of the restaurant, and restore her family’s honour. As the campaign catches fire, Tig considers just how far she must go.

The Antigone Play runs roughly 60 minutes with no intermission.

A dark, rapid-fire comedy that explores the limits of forgiveness in vengeful millennials and Gen Zs. When a team of online activists gathers to recruit their newest member, the group is Zoom-bombed by the alt-right, leading to a night of violence and a settling of old scores. HAGS asks: how do we find satisfying justice in online spaces? When do we go too far in our pursuit of a better world?

HAGS runs approximately 65 minutes with no intermission.

CONTENT WARNING: Horror elements, depictions of violence, and discussion of suicide and abuse. An accessibility programme will be made available on the Youtube Channel.

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